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Unified Board


Unified Board

The affairs and business of Northminster United Church are managed by a Unified Board structure adhering to the Bylaws set out in the United Church of Canada Manual. The Board is responsible for exercising leadership in the care and oversight of the spiritual life and administrative function of Northminster United Church.

Individual committees meet monthly in focused sessions regarding their area of the ministry at Northminster.  The Unified Board meets at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of every month except July and August.  All members are welcome to attend.

For more information please contact the church office at 403-277-0322 or office@northminster.ca

Or Ernie Abbott; Chair of the Board boardchair@northminster.ca


The following committees are a part of that Unified Board structure.

Congregational Life is responsible for the faith formation and Christian education needs of the children, youth and adults of the Northminster congregation. This may include kidZone, Youth Group, Nursery, Bible study and organizing other activities that promote education.

Communications Committee is responsible for effective communication between the congregation and the Minister, the Board and sources outside the congregation. Information sharing sources include a Newsletter, pamphlets, advertisements and Website development.

Mission and Outreach Committee is responsible for the awareness of human and social needs within our congregation and the larger community outside of the church. This committee also educates the congregation as to the mission of the church through the Mission and Service fund.

Pastoral Care Committee is responsible for upkeep of the church roll and oversight of other church records as well as informing the congregation of courses/workshops related to Pastoral Care. There are many groups that work within the scope of Pastoral Care providing visitation, healing and pastoral ministry to the congregation.

Administration Committee is responsible for the management of temporal and financial affairs of the Church. This group oversees the maintenance of the building and material contents and prepares an annual budget for presentation to the congregation at its Annual General meeting.

Worship and Music Committee works in conjunction with the Minister and Music Director in planning of the worship services throughout the year. This committee is also responsible for arranging pulpit supply ministers as required.

Ministry and Personnel Committee is responsible for all matters pertaining to employed staff of the Church. This committee serves as a consultative and support agency for the staff of Northminster Church.