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Healing Ministry

What is Healing Pathways?

Healing pathways is a process of loving cooperation with the Holy Spirit. It is a way for individuals to act as vessels or channels for the flow of universal energy. The healing power comes from God.

To view a short informational Healing Pathway video (just under 8 minutes) click on the following link.  https://vimeo.com/173105275 


The body is an energy system. Healing Pathway influences this system, thus affecting one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and healing. It is a process guided by God to restore wholeness and balance of body, mind, and spirit.

How is it given?

The person receiving healing is in charge of his or her own healing process. We honour strict confidentiality. For your own comfort you lay on a massage table fully clothed except for your shoes. Your head and knees rest on pillows. Prayers are said to invite God’s presence into our minds and bodies, allowing God’s healing energy to flow through. The person receiving healing touch will be asked to relax and try to be in a peaceful state. Not only will you feel peaceful but also supported with love.

What might you feel?

Some people feel tingling in some areas of their body or a temperature change, ( usually heat ) as the energy flows through them. You may see colors or images. Occasionally a forgotten emotion will emerge. This usually occurs when you are ready to deal with an unrecognized past or present event.

Holistic Care

Healing pathways is not a substitute for medical care. It is not necessarily a cure. It is another type of holistic care and serves to compliment traditional medicine. It can assist you in managing stress, relieving pain, speeding tissue and bone healing, strengthening the immune system, and promoting relaxation.

Who gives Healing ?

The Healing pathways group are part of Northminster United Church’s caring outreach to the congregation and greater community under the Pastoral Care Division. All people offering healing at Northminster have completed at least Phase 1 of the Healing Pathway program under the leadership of qualified instructors trained at the United Church of Canada’s Naramata Center.

When do we meet?

The healing pathway group meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. For more information or for appointments please call Helen Thresher at 403-274-0379.

Christ’s ministry emphasizes healing in individuals, relationships and communities. Interest in reclaiming the church’s healing ministry continues to grow in our congregation.

Prayer Chain

Our prayer chain is a group of persons who convenant together to make intercession for emergent needs within a congregation or community. Each member receiving a notice of request from a leader and passes the request(s) to the next.

Commune- I- Care

Caller’s phone members and adherents three times per year to maintain contact and communication. Pastoral concerns may be voiced at this time and forwarded on to the appropriate individual.

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