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Northminster United Church Proudly Sponsors Healing Pathway Phase 2 Healing From The Heart

“Healing from the heart means to connect to the Divine. When we allow the Divine to work through us, infinitely more is possible.” Rochelle Graham, Founder of the Healing Pathway

The Healing Pathway is a program to help people develop the gifts and skills of energy-based healing within the Christian tradition, and to foster the development of healing ministries within faith communities.


Friday             Oct 25, 7 PM – 9 PM

Saturday        Oct 26, 9 AM – 5 PM

Sunday          Oct 27, 1 PM – 5 PM

Food:  Bring your own lunch & snacks

Clothing:  Dress comfortably in loose, layered clothing

Contact for Questions:  Jean Love   403 248-5838


$210 Early bird up to Sept 25, 2019

$275 After Sept 25, 2019

Partial Payments Plans

$175 hold spot

$100 at the door


$180 Early bird up to Sept 25, 2019

$210 After Sept 25, 2019

Healing from the Heart is one of two parts of Phase 2 in the Healing Pathway program. It provides an opportunity to deepen the experience of healing and connecting to God’s healing power through the heart centre. Focus is on increasing the Practitioner’s self-awareness and self-understanding. Emphasize is on development of self as an instrument of healing. New healing sequences and assessment procedures are introduced and practised, as well as effective use of dialogue to deepen the healing process. Phase 1 is a prerequisite. The workshop includes:

  • Practising the skill of being a heart-centred, healing presence
  • Deepening awareness of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels
  • Practising specific healing sequences and learning new ones
  • Reviewing and discussing the Code of Ethics
  • Deepening self awareness and understanding through exploration of spiritual practice and self-care
  • Discussion of the connection between spiritual practices - such as prayer, meditation, and worship - and healing ministry