The United Church of Canada believes that God’s love is offered freely to everyone, and that we are called to be instruments of god’s healing during times of grief.

When our minister receives a request to conduct a funeral or memorial service, he/she will make arrangements to meet with the family to discuss details of the service. At this time, information is gathered to prepare prayers, music and scripture selections in consultation with the family. The family will discuss with the minister how the remembrances and /or eulogy will take place.

An order of service may include:

  • Call to worship/Greeting
  • Prayers
  • Hymns/Special music
  • Tribute/eulogy
  • Scripture lessons
  • Meditation

Our Minister is often asked to preside at a Funeral Service or Memorial Service at the Chapel in a Funeral Home. Our Sanctuary is also available. In this case our Minister presides with assistance from others requested by the family and our organist provides the music for the service.

When there is a burial, the usual practice in the United Church is for the casket to remain closed during and following the service to allow the healing process to begin. Viewing may occur prior to the service according to the wishes of the family.

Guidelines for Honaria
Many families request information about the usual honoraria offered at the time of funerals and memorial services. The following is offered as a guideline; however, the church is always willing to help families at this special time of need.

Minister ….$200
Organist ….$150.
Coordinator ….$100.
Sound Person….$50.
Elevator Operator..$75.

Total ………..$825.

This is done in a single cheque payable to Northminster United Church.

Catering is sometimes available from our women’s groups, a suggested donation of $150 or $3/per person is recommended to our UCW for this service. Please ask for details.

Memorial Donations
Memorials are an important way to honour the values by which someone lived. A memorial donation to Northminster United Church is an appropriate way to celebrate and remember the importance of the Northminster Church Family in the life of your loved one.

All donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt and may be done by cheque, cash or credit card.