Northminster United Church Marriage Policy

We as a Christian community accept all human beings as persons made in the image of God regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or faith background.

We believe (adopted in part from the United Church of Canada Marriage Policy):

That marriage is a blessing from God through which people make a covenant with one another and with God. In marriage we offer one another the promise of lifelong companionship and commitment.

That this unity is a creation of God and is greater than the two individuals. Marriages in Northminster United Church (NUC) will be within the context of Christian worship.

That it is our responsibility to support those entering into covenant relationship with one another, and to support them in their spiritual growth and journey with God.

That we have an inclusive approach to marriage requests for those who meet the legal requirements for marriage and abide by the criterion for marriage at NUC as stated in this policy.

We require:

The couple to meet with the minister to discuss the marriage worship service. Once the initial meeting is concluded the date for the wedding can be confirmed.

That all weddings at Northminster will be conducted by our Minister, except when the Minister is away. Other ministers may share the service, or in extraordinary circumstances, conduct the marriage ceremony upon approval by the Board. We do our best to accommodate all marriage requests.

The cost of a wedding at Northminster is $1,100.  Reception must be arranged separately.